The uniqueness of GELMINICINA comes from the perfect balance of active terpenes, characterized by technical gas chromatographic analysis.

GELMINICINA is an innovative terpenes blend originated by many years of phytotherapy researches that provides a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against both environmental bacteria/ fungi and human pathogens tested with clinical trials.

The carried out clinical study has provided very satisfactory results in terms of total bio-burden reduction in the treated areas

compared to the control ones.

The resistance to antibiotics has become a big concern for both human and enveromental Hygiene, this is the alarm raised by WHO general director in 2012.

So the therapeutic alternatives that do not induce bacterial resistance phenomena represent a new and compelling frontier of scientific research.

GELMINICINA The therapeutic alternatives are able to reduce the antibiotic consumption impact on the national health expenditure.

At the same time these treatments could intervene on the physical conditions of subject exposed to high infection risk environments

(i.e. hospitals, waiting rooms or crowded public places)..


GELMINICINA Minimizes the exposure to allergenic chemical structures and/or sensitization: the selected essential oils are 100% natural and they are obtained by the conventional steam distillation method (without the use of solvents extraction).

The selected blend is considered to be safe in terms of topical exposure (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy);

GELMINICINA and Legionella P.

GELMINICINA has demonstrated an excellent bactericidal in vitro against

Legionella. The tests were performed with solid phase antibiogram using a standardized bacterial strain (ATCC33152) and growth was evaluated on specific selective medium.

The homogeneous release of essential oils from the organic matrix generates a concentration gradient of active terpenes against metabolism and duplication of Legionella.

GELMINICINA can therefore be considered an effective means of prevention in public places.


GELMINICINA was sprayed in the environment of a nursery school n for a period of 8 hours per day for 7 consecutive days. The composition was

sprayed during the stay of children in kindergarten.

They were selected two surfaces, one of which is sanitized on a daily basis.

On these surfaces, microbial and fungal contamination were evaluated. The contamination observed is significantly reduced after 7 days of treatment, compared to that observed before treatment In particular, the fungal charge is cleared in both monitored surfaces and the bacterial load is reduced by 90% compared to that observed before treatment.

GELMINICINA molecular profiling

The active terpene blend, characterized by gas chromatographic technique and certified by the University of Milan, makes GELMINICINA innovative and inimitable. GELMINICINA is constituted by the 68% of terpenes with GABAergic, glutamatergic and anti- inflammatory activity and by the 37% of strong antimicrobial activity structures. The selected essential oils blend exert beneficial effects on the environmental sanitation and on

the individuals quality of life.

It is however necessary to emphasize that the overall of the selected essential oils activity (in particular, the antimicrobial activity) can not be exclusively attributed to the isolated terpenes, but it is synergistically modulated by the phytocomplex.


The innovative formulation of GELMINICINA

In the full respect of eco-friendly philosophy of GELMINICINA, the blend of natural terpenes has been effectively incorporated by a formulation and an innovative process in a 100% biodegradable gum at a concentration of 25%.

The innovative formula allows to convey the effectiveness of enatural

terpenes of GELMINICINA in any space, even in condition of high temperatures, preserving the costant release of active molecules: a happy combination that ensures effectiveness and environmental compatibility.



GELMINICINA can effectively spread through the environment Using technology A'IRY effective programmable nebulizer and autonomous operation.

Using A’IRY ensures exceptional results and benefits that can be demonstrated: wherever you are, pure air and clean environments provide an exciting improvement in quality of life.

Just think of the benefits for those who suffer from particular forms of allergies ... Clean and unbreakable environments from molds and bacteria, sanitary ware in perfect hygienic conditions, rooms with unpleasant smells and always breathable air.

What is said about the home environment is also important, and indeed becomes even more important in the healthcare sector, where the possible presence of pathogens is undoubtedly higher and can be a risk factor both for patients and for medical staff and nursing.

Thanks to the treatment with A’IRY, the abatement of the bacterial charge of the surfaces and the surrounding environment in surgeries, laboratories and medical studies is total and permanent: because, once again, bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and spores are inhibited definitively.

A further and indispensable advantage is the economical saving: using  A’IRY it is possible to do without a large number of different chemicals and chemicals used for daily cleaning operations


are some of the places where A’IRY can be used.